Kadasia is a 16-year-old actress, singer and dancer. Kadasia has been in performing arts classes for two years with much success. She loves working with people and kids and aspires to be the best in the industry. Her performance will surly shock you and leave you wanting more.



Ashiley an actress, singer, song writer, manager just to name a few. She has spent years in the industry developing and perfecting her skills. She has an awesome mind for acting and really draws the audience in making her the professional she is. Ashiley manages “PG3” a youth hip hop dance and singing group in Atlanta, GA who is quickly becoming a house hold name. There is no limit to what she can do. 

We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!



Bishop Effort is an actor, singer, poet, preacher, father, mentor, husband and business owner just to name a few. He is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential. This is his first performance as an actor and singer. Bishop Effort looks to become a global voice that is led by the spirit of God and not religion. He believes that we are all given a measure of faith and talent and that before you leave this earth you should try to master them all. Humble by nature look forward to a funny performance from this powerful man of God.



An attorney by trade, but entertainer by passion, Dana Jackson has been singing and acting her entire life.  Born into a family of singers and musicians, it’s no wonder Dana has not given up following her dreams.  Dana’s dream is to walk in the footsteps of Actor Hill Harper, forgoing the law and stepping into her destiny as an actor/singer and using the talents she was blessed with to touch others, as so many entertainers have touched her!

Like many before her, Dana Jackson got her start in the church, joyously praising God in the choir.  It wasn’t long after that she began her acting career in Los Angeles, CA where she caught her first lucky break as an injured choir singer on NBCs hit TV show, ER.  Dana moved to the Atlanta area in 2007 and largely focused on her career. Now, five years into her legal career, the stage has started calling upon Dana’s attention once again. “ Danny” is Dana’s second stage play since being in Atlanta and she’s only just beginning.  Be on the lookout for Dana Jackson…her star is just beginning to shine!!!

jade grevious



Savannah Warren is a part of the unstoppable Warren family. She loves to sing and act and is so mature for her age. She has taken on the character of the sister in this play and has turned things around for the best. Savanna has an amazing future ahead, keep your eyes on her as she rises to the top.



Erenajh Mikell a 13-year-old actress is taking on new leaps and challenges. This is her first live acting performance and she is outstanding. She is known as the quiet storm. You wouldn’t think such power could come from such a humble and sweet actress. She has a great imagination and loves to do story writing. Her favorite Author is Maya Angelou. Erenajh is faithful to learning and becoming a better actress, dancer and singer. Look out world her performances are going to blow you away.

Our staff



Sarina is a Singer, Actress, Rapper and Song writer. Sarina is 27, has been married almost 3 years and a blessed mother of two. She has never acted before and is so grateful to be able to explore this passion of hers. She loves what she does because she feels like it is the way God is choosing to use her to minister and reach His people. Musically she is inspired by Yolanda Adams and Whitney Houston. She is a star in the making.



Tatiyanna Warren is a 14-year-old singer and actress. Like her family she commands the stage when she stands in front of and audience. She is the lead character in this play and has brought it to life. Tatiyanna is soul in every performance she gives at such a young age. Don’t forget this face and name, you will surly see in it in the spot light again.


Mission & Vision

The mission of Educate Atlanta is simple but complex. To build up young men and women through creative arts, educational programs and modern ministry.


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We're continually working hard to improve communities throughout the state. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out our project list.


(Gang Member)

Isaiah 18-years-old is an actor, dancer, comedian, rapper, spoken word poet and a beast on the basketball court. Isaiah dreams to become an NBA player and a household name. Isaiah’s outlook on life is fun and stress free. He hopes to impact the lives of youth all over the world with his music and poetic skills. He is already a star becoming brighter and brighter.



Blessing is a 9-year-old dancer, actress and model. She is filled with life and loves what she does. She has been a part of African Princess 2013 & 2014 – Little Miss Africa – Curtains Up, The Mikki Howard Story – 2015, Acting & Modeling Show Case – 2015 Chicago, North GA Dance Academy – 2014. Her performance will leave an impression you won’t forget.



Educate Atlanta was created to fulfill the spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical needs of the people in the State of Georgia, the US and across the world. 

Meet Our CAST for "DANNY" The Stage Play and Musical

Dorantia Effort



Cedric a 27-year-old actor from Warner Robins, GA has always had a passion for singing and acting. After watching a Tyler Perry Performance, he began to pursue his acting career. Cedric has been featured in Fatal Attraction the TV Series, James Brown “Get On Up”, and The Haves and Have Nots. He acts because he is passionate about it and love to entertain people. What makes Cedric that much greater is that he is a military veteran who has served honorably in Iraq. Thank for your service. Be on the lookout for this up and coming performer.

I have been incredibly fortunate at times in my life to have experienced the difficulties I see in the world every day. I can imagine what it’s like to go hungry because I have been there. I also so know what it is to have a dream and the difficulties it takes to follow it. It is my desire to show the world through my eyes and from my experiences that there is nothing to hard for God and no one is to far in despair for God to reach them.

God has given us the power to overcome every obstacle in life. It is these challenges which shape us and mold us into the finest men and women that we become. I believe that we have been called to gather people throughout America and around the world to make a lasting spiritual difference.



Founder of Educate Atlanta


Kimberly is an actress, singer, model, and scholar. She has a passion that is next none. Her drive for acting and singing has opened up new doors and opportunities unimaginable. As an actress her work ethic is strong and refined. As a singer she has moved to new heights. Kimberly is truly a star in the making.